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Complaints Redressal
ARG Outlier Media Private Limited, is a member of the News Broadcasters Federation.Our aim is, in all cases, to resolve complaints about the content on the Channels Republic TV and Republic Bharat as satisfactorily and quickly as is reasonably possible.
Any complaint relating to content shall be made by the person aggrieved within a reasonable time not exceeding 30 (thirty) days from the date of first broadcast. Your complaint should include the following:
  • the name/title of the broadcast you are complaining about
  • the date and time of the broadcast and the channel on which it was broadcast
  • the nature of the complaint , giving reasons
  • your name and contact details (anonymous complaints will not normally be considered)
The complaint needs to be made to the following person
ARG Outlier Media Private Limited
两女性同恋热吻莫你的两女性同恋热吻莫你的,荔枝视频下载安装 黄荔枝视频下载安装 黄,理论电影2018免费观看理论电影2018免费观看
Contact details
Bombay Dyeing Compound Worli, Mumbai 400 018